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Service & Maintenance for your Hybrid’s A/C System

In Northeast Ohio you’ll find no better air conditioning repair technicians than the experts at Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Centers. That’s why Rad Air’s hybrid and electrical vehicle division, Cleveland Hybrid, is the best choice for servicing and repairing your A/C system.

A properly maintained and well performing A/C system keeps you comfortable and safe on the road. Without it, your car would be unable to clear fog and frost from your windshield during the fall and winter; and hot Cleveland summers would be brutal.

Cleveland Hybrid is equipped with the tools, equipment and experience to find leaks in the A/C system and rebuild or repair air conditioning components like condensers and evaporators. Our team is able to rebuild and reseal compressors or weld your condenser and evaporator to save you from having to purchase new parts.

Refrigerant leaks are not just an inconvenience for you; they are also an environmental hazard. These leaks release refrigerant into the atmosphere and must be handled according to EPA and MACS (Mobile Air Conditioning Society) protocols. You can trust that Cleveland Hybrid technicians will properly repair your air conditioning system using the proper recovery techniques to protect the at environment.

Whether you are suffering from a hot, stuffy climate in your cabin, or are concerned about condensation and frost on your windshield when the seasons change, don’t wait to contact your local Cleveland Hybrid specialist at any Rad Air Complete Car and Tire Centers location.

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