Brake Repair

Cleveland Hybrid Specializes in Hybrid and EV Braking Systems

If you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, your car may be equipped with a Regenerative Braking System. This unique type of system harnesses the energy of your moving vehicle and turns it into electricity that the battery uses to slow down and stop when you apply the brakes. This way, no energy is wasted even when it comes time to stop.

Additionally, ABS brakes (Anti-lock Braking Systems) must be working properly in order to stop quickly without skidding; an especially important safety feature to handle Northeast Ohio weather patterns.

Looking for brake repair experts that can handle the unique features of your hybrid or electric vehicle? Look no further than Rad Air’s hybrid experts at Cleveland Hybrid. Cleveland Hybrid and Rad Air technicians have undergone special training and certification in order to handle the complex problems presented by hybrid, EV and alternative fuel vehicles.

Find a specially trained Cleveland Hybrid technician at your local Rad Air and give us a call or request an appointment online. We appreciate the opportunity to evaluate, maintain and repair the brakes on your hybrid.

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