Electrical Repairs

Cleveland Hybrid Handles Complex Electrical Repairs

Like most hybrid owners, you might relish the fact that in addition to all the great benefits of driving a hybrid, not much additional maintenance is required compared to traditional gas vehicles. However, just like gas vehicles, hybrid and electric cars may experience electrical issues which are difficult and sometimes dangerous to track down.

Let the experts at Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Centers’ specialized hybrid division, Cleveland Hybrid, handle electrical problems for you. Hybrid systems rely on electricity to keep the car moving and operating properly. Cleveland Hybrid has the training to work on your battery, your big battery (or the Hybrid DRIVE battery), cables, alternator, starter and computer system. These components often require advanced equipment to diagnose and a talented hybrid specialist to repair.

If your car isn’t starting, the lights are out, or you are concerned about a bigger electrical problem, schedule an appointment with Cleveland Hybrid at your local Rad Air. You will feel comfortable knowing your vehicle is being taken care of by an experienced hybrid team.

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